Do you know what’s worse than spending Valentine’s Day alone? Having your personal information exposed to everyone. Here are 10 reasons why wooing data security now will provide an anxiety-free happily ever after.

10 Benefits of Data Security

1. Data security picks up the extra load without being asked. It doesn’t make you work overly hard on your data security maintenance. It uses a single data protection infrastructure — one that automatically load balances — across the entire data environment.

2. Data security can anticipate your needs. Using outlier detection capabilities coupled with intelligence, organizations can detect potential threats based on relative changes in behavior.

3. Data security is an excellent communicator, giving you the right level of information at the right time. It never overshares or forgets to tell you the important things.

4. Data security takes out the trash. It weeds out the unimportant stuff and uses machine learning and cognitive analysis to focus in on risks so you don’t have to waste your time on this chore yourself.

5. Data security is a cheap date. It lowers your total cost of ownership by automatically discovering sensitive data, proactively uncovering risks and taking action.

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6. With data security, size doesn’t matter. The right solution scales to meet most size requirements, including those of big data environments.

7. Data security doesn’t isolate you. On the contrary, it promotes extracurricular activities with other groups of friends. You will feel support with heterogeneous integration with other industry-leading security solutions, vulnerability standards, applications and more.

8. Data security doesn’t cheat and will actually alert you when it senses something suspicious. It uses real-time activity monitoring and blocking to help prevent illicit internal and external access. Your secrets — and personal information — are safe with masking, encryption and redaction.

9. Data security lets you sleep in. It provides continuous monitoring and automated reporting versus batch monitoring and manual reporting. You can rest while it monitors for you.

10. Data security boosts your confidence. You can be assured that your data security program will protect both structured and unstructured data no matter where it resides.

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