Ahmed Saleh

X-Force IRIS Global Lead for Incident Response and Proactive Services, IBM
Ahmed Saleh has 14 years of experience working in technology, security, incident response and security risk management. With an equal passion for people and technology, Ahmed has built, transformed and led teams across complex, fast-paced environments motivated to deliver exceptional results. At IBM, Ahmed leads a global team of information security professionals that deliver forensic, incident response, and proactive security services all over the world. He works closely with organizations to detect, respond, and mitigate incidents quickly. In tandem, he works closely with executives to help them understand what occurred and communicate it to the proper stakeholders. Ahmed has a diverse background, having held positions at Disney, NASA, the U.S. Air Force and Mandiant, where he was a principal consultant serving clients directly. Prior to joining IBM, Ahmed led the Content Technology & Security team for Disney ABC Television Group, proactively adjusting to a constantly evolving threat landscape. Prior to his role with the Television Group, Ahmed led the Disney Enterprise Incident Response Team. As a Special Agent in the U.S. Air Force and at NASA, Ahmed investigated security breaches with national security significance. In all of these roles, he honed his expertise in incident response, intrusion investigations, cyber threat analysis and security risk management.
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