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Alexander M. Paterson

Security Intelligence Consultant, IBM

Alexander M. Paterson is a Security Intelligence Consultant for IBM UK. His deep technical and industry specific expertise enables clients to get the most from SIEM and Intelligence Solutions. He aims to dazzle clients with unique technical insights and creative solutions.

Written By Alexander M. Paterson

Become a JSON Formatter — and Kick Your Security Integrations Into Action

Becoming a JSON formatter, and packing up your data in a new way, can reduce or eliminate the need for custom work and save your security team precious time.

Game Over: Improving Your Cyber Analyst Workflow Through Gamification

Gamification is an engaging way to motivate security operations center analysts to develop their incident response skills and situational awareness.

Becoming an Agile Cyber-Ninja: Implementing SIEM the Right Way in 2017

To get the most out of SIEM tools such as QRadar, security analysts should abandon the traditional Waterfall methodology and adopt the Agile approach.

Co-Written By Alexander M. Paterson

Don’t Constrict Your Cyber Potential in 2017 — Upskill With Python Programming Language

The highly versatile Python programming language enables developers to write software for penetration testing, web development, applications and more.