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Amit Kumar

Content Lead, IBM

Amit is worldwide Content Lead for IBM Security. He has about 10 years of experience in technology marketing. He has worked in a variety of roles in content management, campaign management, digital marketing, business partner management, sales and market Research. He is passionate about creating marketing content in innovative formats and an avid security trend watcher. Amit completed his MBA in Marketing and speaks French fluently, and in his spare time, he loves to travel, read and network.

Written By Amit Kumar

Indian Banking Customers, Beware! Hackers Have an Eye on Your Money

The Indian government implemented new policies and guidance in response to several high-profile attacks against the Indian banking sector in the past year.

The Indian IoT Market Is Exploding Despite Gaping Security Holes

The rapid growth of the Indian IoT market is encouraging, but more connected devices mean more vulnerabilities for cybercriminals to exploit.

Is Cognitive Security the Answer to the Massive Cybersecurity Skills Gap in India?

The cybersecurity skills gap in India is especially worrisome given the increased rate of cyberattacks against businesses and government agencies.

As India Gears Up for Cybersecurity Challenges, Threats Are Multiplying

India has launched a series of initiatives aimed at overcoming cybersecurity challenges, decreasing costs and battling modern threats.