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Andrew Lemke

Security Strategist, IBM

Andrew Lemke has been involved with information security for 15 years in nearly every area knowledge domain. He is also an Open Group certified architect with years of experience building security and compliance products for IBM and has been a product manager for large scale security efforts.

Written By Andrew Lemke

The Outlook of DDoS Threats in 2015

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks evolved throughout 2015 to become more sophisticated and harder to defend against.

How to Dramatically Improve Your Database Encryption

Database encryption can be drastically improved through the use of hardware security modules (HSMs), which provide offline encryption services.

Federal Cybersecurity Legislation Is on the Way — But Don’t Relax

As cybersecurity incidents increase in frequency and severity, new legislation is being proposed to share information among organizations.

Could Your SSH Keys Become Stolen Credentials?

SSH keys are valuable to cybercriminals because stolen credentials can be used to access critical servers. Here are some facts regarding the issue.