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Angelika Steinacker

CTO for Identity & Access Management, IBM Security Europe

    Angelika Steinacker is CTO for Identity & Access Management in IBM Security Europe. She has extensive IAM and security experience, with 30+ years in security, more than 15 years with a focus on IAM. During her business life, she has participated in a variety of engagements at clients from different industries worldwide. She earned a diploma in Mathematics with a minor in Physics and she holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics with a topic in Cryptography from J. Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany.

    Written By Angelika Steinacker

    Who Goes There? The Art of Digital Identity and Access Management

    To connect the real world to the digital world, we can create digital identity models that represent a person with different attributes, characteristics and goals.

    What Is Transparency’s Role in Establishing Digital Trust With Consumers?

    Transparency is a critical factor for consumers when establishing digital trust with companies and service providers due to increasing concerns about data privacy.

    A Double-Edged Sword: IAM Meets IoT

    The changing nature of the IoT is bringing new challenges related to identity and access management. Are you ready for the Identity of Things?

    Identity and Access Management: Deciphering a Fluid Puzzle

    The key to minimizing security vulnerabilities is the adoption of a layered cognitive approach to the wider identity and access management question.