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Anna Seacat

Marketing Offering Integration Manager, IBM

Anna Seacat is an IDaaS enthusiast and serves as an Offering Manager on the Cloud IAM strategy team at IBM Security. Previously, Seacat developed and deployed comprehensive integrated marketing communication plans for brands in education, security, hospitality, healthcare, and general aviation. She is is an avid learner and passionate about the intersection of consumer behavior and search engine marketing. Seacat graduated with honors from Southern New Hampshire University with a Master of Science in Marketing.

Written By Anna Seacat

IDaaS Providers: This Is How Cloud Identity Service Rapidly Responded to IoT and Mobile Demands

IDaaS providers such as IBM and solutions like Cloud Identity Service can help organizations accelerate their IAM strategies and onboard SaaS apps.

IDaaS Vendors: IBM Cloud Identity Service Named Market Leader in Six Recent Analyst Reports

IBM Cloud Identity Service was named a leader in six recent industry reports, solidifying IBM's reputation as one of the industry's top IDaaS vendors.

IDaaS Market Leader News: IBM Cloud Identity Service Named Market Leader in IDaaS

Analyst firm Ovum recognized IBM Cloud Identity Service as an IDaaS market leader for the breadth and depth of its IAM capabilities.

Gartner IAM Summit London 2017: Your Guide to the Swag and Must-Attend Sessions

At this year's Gartner IAM Summit, attendees will learn how to leverage IAM-as-a-service and actionable intelligence to prevent insider attacks and more.

Gartner IAM Summit 2016: Your Ultimate Guide to Must-Attend Sessions and Much More

The 2016 Gartner IAM Summit is just around the corner. Check out the jam-packed agenda and view the cloud IAM video that could help you earn free swag.

A Security Professional Slashes IAM Costs with IDaaS

In just two minutes, this cloud IAM video tells the story of a security professional who, by adopting enterprise-grade IDaaS, turned the negatives of IAM into business enablers.

IDaaS News: Cloud IAM Is a Game Changer for the CIO’s Office at IBM

If you are burdened with an expensive legacy IAM environment, you are not alone. Read how IBM's office of the CIO eliminated IAM challenges with IDaaS.

Security Interns Help to Create a Global IBM Hacking Competition

A group of interns collaborated with experts on the IBM Managed Security Services team to create a global IBM hacking competition.

IDaaS: Life Before and After Cloud IAM

A security expert spoke to Security Intelligence regarding how cloud IAM quickly solves common identity and access management problems.

What Is IDaaS? A CISO Clears Up Confusion Around the Definition of Cloud IAM

In an interview, one chief information security officer provides a clear definition of IDaaS, or cloud-based identity and access management.