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Anna Seacat

Senior Business Analyst - Enterprise IoT IBM Security

Anna Seacat is a seasoned marketing and product leader of innovative and high-profile offerings and services. She has domain expertise in enterprise IoT, SaaS, and cybersecurity for IoT. Anna has a reputation as a visionary and for consistently delivering timely results by driving tight integration with product management, marketing, sales, business partners, design, development, and research. Anna has a proven track record in leading the entire product and marketing life cycle with Enterprise Design Thinking. She has a Master of Science in Marketing.

Written By Anna Seacat

Security Interns Help to Create a Global IBM Hacking Competition

A group of interns collaborated with experts on the IBM Managed Security Services team to create a global IBM hacking competition.

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A security expert spoke to Security Intelligence regarding how cloud IAM quickly solves common identity and access management problems.

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In an interview, one chief information security officer provides a clear definition of IDaaS, or cloud-based identity and access management.