Anna Seitz

Threat Intelligence Content Manager, Dragos
Anna Seitz is the Threat Intelligence Content Manager for the Intelligence team at Dragos. Her role at Dragos consists of editorial support for WorldView intelligence products and cross-team engagement for Intelligence requests. Prior to coming to Dragos, Anna was a threat intelligence coordinator for the Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC) at Chevron, where she produced timely and relevant reporting for leadership and the organization. Anna also has public affairs experience from her time at NASA Johnson Space Center, where she assisted the NASA Astronaut Corps and International Space Station partners with key messaging and press engagements. She is currently a member of InfraGard and is active in the cybersecurity community in the Houston area. She holds a Master’s Degree in Risk Management from Texas A&M University and is obsessed with learning more about cybersecurity and making the world a more secure place.
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