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Anne Lescher

Mainframe Security Marketing Manager, IBM Security

Anne Lescher is a Senior Marketing Manager currently championing mainframe security. Anne's involvement with mainframe security started with Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) in 1979. She has since been involved in encryption, data base security, application security, network security, security management, audit products and security services in various roles across IBM as a security strategist, designer, product manager, and market manager.

Written By Anne Lescher

Achieve the Ultimate Data Protection for Your Trusted Digital Experience

IBM z14 provides pervasive encryption capabilities to help organizations improve data protection and maintain regulatory compliance.

6 Security Trauma Tips: Taking the Complexity Out of Compliance

With the right tools in place, organizations can minimize the complexity and trauma of auditing and compliance while remaining vigilant against threats.

Happy Birthday! Mainframe Security Celebrates 50 Years

Mainframes play a major role in your everyday life behind the scenes. Fortunately, mainframes are one of the most trusted servers for processing production applications and hosting mission-critical data for finance, health care, retail, government...

When it Comes to Your Data: Fear Less, Encrypt More

Why are people afraid to protect their information by encrypting their data? Why is encryption often the protection mechanism of last resort? Unfortunately, encryption is often perceived as complex, something akin to rocket science.

5 Obstacles to Keeping Up with the Changing Threat Environment

We exist in a constantly changing threat environment. As the threats evolve, the security solutions, best practices, industry standards and regulatory compliance must also evolve to keep up with the threat landscape. For many organizations, this...

9 Advantages to Mainframe for Cloud Computing

Years after the introduction of cloud computing, it is interesting that security continues to be the top inhibitor to broad scale cloud adoption: 70% consider security a cloud security inhibitor. And security leads the list of cloud inhibitors by...

Top Reasons Why Customers Still Bet Their Business on the Mainframe

This post is written by Anne Lescher , Product Marketing Manager with IBM Security Solutions.

Co-Written By Anne Lescher