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Anne Leslie

Senior Managing Consultant, IBM Security
My entire career has been spent at the intersection between financial services, regulation and technology, in both sales and advisory roles. Before joining IBM, I was the Managing Director of a blockchain technology start-up specialized in digital identity and online privacy. Prior to that, I led the France-Benelux Regtech practice at BearingPoint where my team and I delivered complex data governance, regulatory transformation and cloud migration programs for banks, insurers and supervisory authorities worldwide. More recently I have been making the most of my CCSP, Enterprise Design Thinking and Agile qualifications to co-create customer success in Cloud and Security. I have a deep-seated belief that people reveal the best of themselves when they get to work collaboratively towards a shared purpose that means something more to them than their pay-check. I'm all about the 'WHY'. From a security perspective, my focus is on how we can get more people to care more about security. I'm looking to strengthen engagement from the C-Suite down so that we can transform security culture using human-centered design practices, empowered by technology, and build organizational ecosystems that are not just cyber resilient but dynamically anti-fragile. Originally from Ireland, I moved to France over 20 years and today I live happily in Paris with my partner and three children.

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