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Anyck Turgeon

C-BISO / CIO (Sr. Cyber-Engineer)
With more than 25 years of technology innovation and security experience, Anyck Turgeon is a proven executive with unmatched end-to-end security expertise (including IT management, cyber-security and privacy, fraud prevention/detection/management, Agile/DevSecOps/Security-InDepth, governance/risk/compliance (GRC), physical security, chemical safety and executive/financial turnaround management). Currently working at IBM, Anyck leads global efforts in IBM C-BISO – CIO / CISO offices to ensure the security of all corporate assets of IBM (500,000+ humans, 6M devices & the #1 largest amount of tech IP in the world) in over 194 geographies. As a fledged cyber-security expert using contextual analytics, AR 3-D visualization and the best suite of detection/prevention/remediation tools, Anyck stops and prevent crimes globally – on a daily basis. Her current focus is on protecting all resources of IBM CIO office.