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Anyck Turgeon

C-BISO / CIO (Sr. Cyber-Engineer)

With more than 25 years of technology innovation and security experience, Anyck Turgeon is a proven executive with unmatched end-to-end security expertise (including IT management, cyber-security and privacy, fraud prevention/detection/management, Agile/DevSecOps/Security-InDepth, governance/risk/compliance (GRC), physical security, chemical safety and executive/financial turnaround management). Currently working at IBM, Anyck leads global efforts in IBM C-BISO – CIO / CISO offices to ensure the security of all corporate assets of IBM (500,000+ humans, 6M devices & the #1 largest amount of tech IP in the world) in over 194 geographies. As a fledged cyber-security expert using contextual analytics, AR 3-D visualization and the best suite of detection/prevention/remediation tools, Anyck stops and prevent crimes globally – on a daily basis. Her current focus is on protecting all resources of IBM CIO office.

Written By Anyck Turgeon

Three Characteristics of a Successful Agile Security and Risk Management Implementation

To keep up with increasingly sophisticated threat actors, many of whom have begun using AI in their attacks, organizations must fully embrace Agile security and risk management strategies.