Written By Aubre Andrus

Slow and Steady Wins the Application Security Testing Race

The Tortoise and the Hare are challenged to develop an app, and the winner must consider both application security and functionality. Who will prevail?

Threat Hunters Hansel and Gretel Keep the Forest Safe

Thanks to their harrowing experience with the Evil Witch, Hansel and Gretel went on to become expert threat hunters to protect the children of the forest.

The Gingerbread Man Cooks Up a GDPR Compliance Plan

The Gingerbread Man knew that May 25, 2018 was a big day: the day by which he had to achieve General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. Organizations around the world — not just those in the European Union (EU) — needed to prepare....

The Ugly Duckling’s Security Testing Transformation

Some are wary of the Ugly Duckling due to his advanced hacking abilities, but when it comes to security testing, he's really one of the good guys.

The Grasshopper, the Ants and the Incident Response Plan

The passive Grasshopper should be more like the Ants, who use IBM Resilient to support their robust and comprehensive incident response plan.

The Emperor’s New Insider Threats

The Emperor was the greatest CISO in the land. His castle was as safe as could be, and there were no insider threats to be found — or so he thought.

Goldilocks Finds an Identity and Access Management Solution That Is Just Right

Goldilocks needs an identity and access management solution that provides not too much, not too little, but just the right level of access.

Grandma or the Wolf? Red Gets Smart About Fraud Protection

When Red spots suspicious activity on Grandma's account, she needs a dynamic fraud protection tool to determine whether it's really her or a Big Bad Wolf.

Enterprise Mobility Management Even the Apprentice Can Control

To secure a full-time position at the end of his internship, the Apprentice must design an effective enterprise mobility management strategy.