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Benazeer Daruwalla

Executive Cybersecurity Advisor, IBM

    Benazeer Daruwalla has 19 years of experience in technology and has served the last five years at IBM as a Senior Cybersecurity Architect in Financial Services, Investment Banking and Securities industries specializing in enterprise security architecture, security standards and complex integrations.Benazeer is highly experienced in translating business needs into compelling and executable strategies. She has a track record of partnering with peers and clients and building trusted and credible shared outcomes. She continues to lead client discussions on topics of Cybersecurity maturity, risk based transformative roadmaps and point of views using her consultative techniques; leveraging industry specific tools & approaches. She has authored and co- authored position papers on industry leading best practices and is active speaker at Cybersecurity conferences, business partner & client events.

    Written By Benazeer Daruwalla

    Secure Your Hybrid Cloud Environment With Visibility, Control and Flexibility

    When it is implemented correctly, hybrid cloud data protection enables organizations to safeguard critical data across their choice of on-premises, public and/or private cloud services.

    Don’t Overlook Your Data Blind Spots: 5 Tips for Protecting Unstructured Data

    As data becomes more fluid, dynamic and distributed, so do the challenges around protecting it. Unlike traditional data stores, there is little to no control of unstructured data.

    The Blockchain Is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Link

    Blockchain technology depends on mutual trust between human participants, each of whom represents a potential weakness in the chain.