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Bill O'Donnell

Chief Middleware Security Architect, IBM

Bill O'Donnell is a Senior Technical Staff Member for IBM Cloud Middleware. He is the Chief Security Architect and Chief Security Compliance Officer for IBM's software product development. Bill is responsible for the Security Architecture in IBM Middleware On-Premise and Cloud offerings. He additionally handles a number of security initiatives across the IBM organization, which include security compliance for SaaS and PaaS offerings, secure engineering, security architecture and design, and vulnerability response. Bill has over 25 years of experience in large scale mainframe and distributed systems with a unique security focus on software architecture and infrastructure architecture. Bill specializes in end to end infrastructure and application security. He has published a number of Redbooks, papers, and is the author of the Secrets of SOA.

Written By Bill O'Donnell

Browser Vendors Are Shutting Down SHA-1 Digital Certificates

Web browsers are moving away from SHA-1 digital certificates, and organizations need to make sure they are in line with more secure measures.

Living in the Past: Business Encryption Needs to Get With the Times or Get Hacked

Now that the vulnerabilities of numerous encryption standards have been laid bare, it's only a matter of time before organizations are targeted.