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Brett Valentine

Associate Partner, IBM

Brett Valentine is an Associate Partner with IBM Security. He has more than 17 years of industry expertise. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, and a Master of Business Administration. Brett lives in the metropolitan Detroit area.

Written By Brett Valentine

Why You Should Do Your Homework Before Investing in Enterprise Blockchains

Organizations looking to invest in enterprise blockchains to unify and secure transactions and data records should do their homework before trusting a vendor with their most sensitive information.

Current Trends in Identity and Access Management: July 2017

At the midpoint of 2017, five trends are emerging in identity and access management, and with these waves comes an opportunity for security teams.

Creating a Culture of Security Through Change Management

Effective change management requires thorough planning, constant communication, and strong leadership capable of swaying the organizational culture.

Security Is an Organizational Behavior Problem

Security is often viewed as a technology problem, but many vulnerabilities can be traced back to flaws and inconsistencies in organizational behavior.

How Can You Quantify the Value of Automated Provisioning and Deprovisioning?

IT managers can justify security spending by emphasizing the value of provisioning and deprovisioning to improve the user experience and security policies.

How Can You Quantify the Value of Web Access Enforcement?

Each business is responsible for establishing its own system for evaluating web access enforcement based on the particular needs of the organization.

Clearing the Fog: Defining the Fundamental IAM Domains

The use of identity and access management is widespread, but the IT industry still lacks a consistent set of definitions for the fundamental IAM domains.

IAM Assessments: Why So Subjective?

Identity and access management (IAM) assessments and frameworks depend heavily on the type of environment the organization fosters.

The 4×4 Security Program and Organization: Security Portfolio Prioritization

Managing a security portfolio means prioritizing projects and identifying the value that these activities bring to an enterprise.

The 4×4 Security and Organization: Program Metrics

Once your security program is established, you must decide which metrics to measure in order to stay in line with business drivers.