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Brian T. Mulligan

Offering Manager for Security Access and Directory Products, IBM

Brian Mulligan is the offering manager for IBM Security Access and Directory Products. In this role, Brian works in conjunction with the development, sales, marketing and support organizations to deliver innovative user-centric security solutions. Previously, Brian was a member of the IBM Security strategy team working to create a cross-domain strategy for IBM Security. Much of his work focused on the advantages of an integrated approach to security. Outside of work, he enjoys running, cycling, skiing and trying new beers.

Written By Brian T. Mulligan

Teaming Up to Overhaul Authentication

IBM is partnering with leading authentication providers to make it easier to integrate new authentication technologies with IBM Security Access Manager.

Reduce Fraud and Increase Customer Satisfaction With Intelligent Access Management

Implementing access controls and intelligent access management can help banks and financial institutions prevent fraudulent transactions.

Take Back Control of Your Access Management: Reduce Complexity, Save Money and Secure Access

Consolidating access management into a single, easy-to-use platform has the potential to increase enterprise security and productivity.

How Can Access Management Platforms Improve Cloud Security?

Identity and access management is essential for the strongest cloud security, but it must be done in a way that's efficient for the enterprise.

Who’s Watching the Front Door?

A strong, centralized, intelligent access management solution can help slam the front door on attackers before they creep into enterprise networks.