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Brooke Satti Charles

Financial Crime Prevention Strategist, IBM Security

Brooke Satti Charles is a Financial Crime Prevention Strategist within IBM Security. Her career has been focused on research and reporting of fraud, money laundering, insurance, terrorist financing, conflicts management, enterprise risk assessments, and regulatory compliance. Brooke holds a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media Studies from Northeastern University and is currently working to achieve her Masters in Intelligence Studies.

Written By Brooke Satti Charles

Real-Time Payments, Real-Time Fraud Risks?

Programs such as NACHA's Faster Payments initiative may help U.S. businesses become more competitive, but do shorter transaction times lead to fraud...

Outsmarting Fraudsters With Cognitive Fraud Detection

Cognitive fraud detection technology enables banks to enhance mobile security without diminishing the seamless user experience customers demand.

Forrester Study Highlights a Company’s 90 Percent Reduction in Fraud Costs Using IBM Trusteer Solutions

A Forrester study found that IBM Trusteer solutions can help companies drastically reduce malware incidents, regulatory fines and time spent on auditing.

Credit Cards: Risky Business or Safe Bet?

New regulations and the increasing threat of fraud have motivated financial institutions, merchants and consumers to rethink how they handle credit cards.

Do Faster Payments Mean Faster Fraud?

A system of faster clearing times could help businesses and hardworking families, but the shift could open a window for cybercriminals to commit fraud.

Are Drone-Led Cyberattacks the Wave of the Future?

As technology evolves and becomes increasingly available to consumers and fraudsters, drone-led cyberattacks may become more common.

Is Mobile Banking Safe?

Mobile banking is becoming more popular, but as it grows the risks become bigger as well. Are financial institutions protecting their customers?

It All Comes Out in the Wash: The Most Popular Money Laundering Methods in Cybercrime

Cybercriminals often leverage time-tested methods of money laundering to stay undetected and move stolen funds across secret accounts.

Disaster Fraud: Criminals Capitalizing on Catastrophes

Disaster fraud is a deliberate act to deceive people, government organizations or private industries after devastating events for personal financial gain.

Stolen Identity Tax Refund Fraud: Who Is Getting Your Refund?

Stolen identity tax fraud is a growing problem in the United States as criminals steal victims' PII and file returns on behalf of them.