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Caleb Barlow

Vice President - IBM Security

Caleb Barlow is a Vice President at IBM Security responsible for the positioning and strategy of the IBM Security portfolio of products and services. Caleb has a broad background having led teams in product development, product management, marketing and cloud service delivery. He spends about 25% of his time on M&A activities and was IBM’s Integration Executive for the acquisition of Net Integration Technologies, he led IBM’s acquisition of Trusteer, and was the Integration Executive behind the recent acquisition of Fiberlink MaaS360.A strong advocate of social and new media, he regularly uses these technologies to engage customers, enable sales and promote the products he manages with proven results. Mr. Barlow is a sought after speaker on the subject of security, and has appeared on Bloomberg Television, CNBC Squawk Box, Yahoo News, Al Jazeera America and the BBC World Service. Caleb's views have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NBC News, eWeek, Seventeen and dozens of other publications. In 2015 he presented to the United Nations at the invitation of the President of the UN General Assembly. Caleb hosts a regular Internet radio show focused on IT security that attracts tens of thousands of listeners: http://ibm.co/13hDreQ.External to IBM, Caleb has been in leadership roles at two successful startups – Syncra Systems, which is now part of Oracle, and Ascendant Technology, which was acquired by Avent.

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New Year, New Threats: Five Security Predictions That Will Take Hold in 2018

The IBM Security X-Force team offered some security predictions for new trends in the technology landscape and threats that are poised to emerge in 2018.

When a Cyber Crisis Hits, Know Your OODA Loops

OODA loops can help System 1-thinking security professionals react swiftly to cyberattacks and embrace an intuitive approach to incident response.

Crisis Leadership, Part 2: What Are We Learning?

In addition to responding to threats in progress, crisis leadership involves rehearsing various responses to prepare for a data breach.

It’s Time for the Democratization of Cybersecurity Data

The widespread democratization of cybersecurity data would enable the IT industry to keep up with cybercriminals who always seem to be one step ahead.

Crisis Leadership: The Missing Link in Cyberattack Defense

C-suite executives often lack the experience and training required to establish and lead a successful cyberattack defense program.

Attackers Shift Sights From Retail to Health Care in 2015

In 2015, there has been a tremendous uptick in the theft of health care data and a decrease in the number of compromised retail records. Why?

Effective Endpoint Security and Management: Coupling Content With Context

The most effective endpoint security solution needs to have both content and context in order to help professionals remediate problems.

Six-Digit Passcodes: Two Small Steps for Smartphones, One Giant Leap for Mobile Security

Apple now requires six-digit passcodes (instead of four) on its devices — meaning two small steps for users, but one giant leap for mobile security.

Keeping Your Data Safe: How to Build an Endpoint Security Strategy Based on Confidence

Is your organization approaching its endpoint security with confidence or fear? Your answer could impact how effectively you prevent data breaches.

How Attackers are Taking Advantage of the Human Factor

The IBM X-Force team just released their Trend and Risk Report which summarizes their findings on emerging threats and the 2013 attack landscape. If you are a CIO, CEO, CISO or a line of business executive this must read report outlines the new...

Co-Written By Caleb Barlow

Ransomware Report: Top Security Threat Expected to Continue Rising in 2017

To pay or not to pay? When it comes to ransomware, that is the question. Despite a rise in attacks, organizations are largely unaware of the threat.