Caleb Barlow

Caleb Barlow is an accomplished security professional and former Vice President at IBM Security, where he led IBM's Threat Intelligence and Incident Response Teams globally. He was the visionary behind X-Force Command, the worlds most sophisticated watch floor and cyber range. Mr. Barlow has a broad background having led technical teams in product development, product management, strategy, marketing and cloud service delivery. He has led multiple acquisitions including Fiberlink MaaS360 and Net Integration Technologies. Mr. Barlow routinely advises chief information security officers, boards of directors and government officials on security practices, frameworks and strategies to manage the business risk associated with cyber security. Mr. Barlow is a sought after speaker on the subject of security. He has appeared on the TED stage, NBC TODAY, NBC News, Bloomberg Television, CNBC Squawk Box, Yahoo News, Al Jazeera America and the BBC World Service. Caleb's views have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, eWeek, FastCompany, Seventeen and dozens of other publications. He has testified to the US Congress and in 2015 he was invited by the President of the UN General Assembly to discuss his views at the United Nations.
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