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Cathal O'Donovan

DevOps Manager, IBM

Cathal has spent 17 years in the IT Industry as a Developer & Manager. He has a general interest in all things IT.

Written By Cathal O'Donovan

SecOps 2018: Cognitive Era and the Coming of GDPR

As organizations prepare for GDPR in 2018, SecOps and cognitive technology will play crucial roles in helping to ensure improved security without compromising agility.

The Cybersecurity Skills Gap Is No Match for Cognitive Security

Cognitive security tools enable SOC analysts to bridge gaps in intelligence, speed and accuracy, and empowers team leaders to address the IT skills gap.

SecOps Revisited: The Challenge of DevOps for Security

Over the past 18 months, SecOps gained popularity in the developer and consumer communities as cybercriminals increasingly targeted cloud delivery models.

GDPR Compliance Regulations: The New Challenge for the Cloud Operations Manager

Companies around the world must review the processes by which they collect and store personal data to prepare for the upcoming GDPR compliance regulations.

The 2015 Rugby World Cup and Cybersecurity

As the Rugby World Cup 2015 continues, we ponder the cybersecurity arena and highlight areas of interest from wearable technology to encryption.

Lines of Business, Cloud-Based Apps and the Implications of Shadow IT

When the lines of business within an enterprise create a culture of shadow IT, it can have far-reaching consequences for the organization as a whole.

SecDevOps: Embracing the Speed of DevOps and Continuous Delivery in a Secure Environment

DevOps and SaaS, by nature, are circular processes of planning, developing and operating, which allows teams to constantly improve the related security.

Co-Written By Cathal O'Donovan

The Insider Threat: A Cloud Platform Perspective

Organizations can protect themselves from the dangers of an insider threat by implementing several cloud security best practices.