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Charles Carrington

Associate Partner, IBM

Charles Carrington has worked in Security, focusing on IAM, for over 20 years. He is a published author (on directories). Mr. Carrington's work is in the field and practical, focusing on customer delivery, solution design and problem resolution for large scale IAM programs. He managed the IBM's US IAM delivery team for several years and he was heavily involved in IBM's Cloud Identity Services for the last four years. Carrington is currently part of IBM's Global Security practice, managing IBM's IAM delivery in Latin America.

Written By Charles Carrington

Identity and Blockchain: Pseudo-Anonymous Bitcoin Versus Trusted Participant

Since its creation, blockchain has risen in popularity among security experts and the public. It has even been touted as the silver bullet of cybersecurity, unbreachable and safe. But viewing blockchain in that light is overly simplistic. To...

Out With the Old, in With the New: Are You Ready to Move to IDaaS?

A move to IDaaS requires skill, knowledge and a small leap of faith, but the increased control over the cloud environment is well worth the elbow grease.

The Top Four Reasons CISOs Are Adopting Cloud-Based Solutions for Identity and Access Management

As business moves to the cloud, it makes sense for CISOs to manage identity and access management functions with cloud-based solutions.

Cloud IAM Scenarios in Retail, Academia and Finance: Three Tips From an IDaaS Expert

The demand for IDaaS is expanding into every industry. Retailers, universities and financial institutions can benefit from adopting cloud IAM solutions.

Co-Written By Charles Carrington

The Blockchain Is Only as Strong as Its Weakest Link

Blockchain technology depends on mutual trust between human participants, each of whom represents a potential weakness in the chain.