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Charles Henderson

Global Head of IBM X-Force Red

    Charles Henderson is the Global Head of IBM's X-Force Red. Throughout his career, Charles and the teams he has managed have specialized in network, application, physical, and device penetration testing as well as vulnerability research. X-Force Red’s clients range from the largest on the Fortune lists to small and midsized companies interested in improving their security posture.Charles is also an enthusiastic member of the information security community and an advocate of vulnerability research. He has been a featured speaker at various conferences (including Black Hat, DEFCON, RSA, SOURCE, OWASP AppSec USA and Europe, and SXSW) around the world on various subjects relating to security testing and incident response. He has also appeared on or in CBS Evening News, CNN, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, The Register, SC Magazine, Engadget, eWeek, Reuters, Car & Driver, and various other media outlets.

    Written By Charles Henderson

    Dangerous New ATM Fraud Scheme Attacks Dual Fronts Simultaneously

    Researchers discovered a new ATM fraud scheme that attacks both the front and back ends of ATM networks virtually, making it harder to remediate than traditional schemes that target physical machines.

    Hacking Cars, IoT Devices and Passwords: IBM X-Force Red Turns 1

    In this podcast, Charles Henderson discusses some of the IBM X-Force Red team's top achievements over the past year and offers a preview of what lies ahead.

    IBM X-Force Red Turns 1, Expands Into Auto and IoT Practice Areas

    Today IBM X-Force Red launches a collaboration with the Watson IoT Platform to help ensure that all IoT solutions get our special brand of hacker love.

    When We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know — Connected Cars, Smart Homes and IoT Security

    IBM's Charles Henderson discusses the present and future of IoT security, based on his recent experience with connected cars and home automation devices.

    An IoT Love Story: Always Apart, Never Disconnected

    Connected devices are beginning to change ownership for the first time, which presents new IoT security challenges for manufacturers.

    X-Force Red Receives Warm Welcome at Black Hat

    X-Force Red offers innovative, simple scoping mechanisms for penetration tests instead of tedious, time-wasting questionnaires.

    When Souvenirs Cost More Than Pocket Change: Mobile Point-of-Sale Hazards

    Mobile point-of-sale technology is useful for small businesses, large enterprise retail chains and global sporting competitions alike.

    X-Force Red Gets Serious About Penetration Testing

    X-Force Red offers vulnerability analytics backed by the experience of hundreds of thousands of the world's best technologists.

    Point-of-Sale Hazards: Skimming the Surface of Global Sporting Events

    Travelers around the globe are at high risk of robbery. While payment cards can be much simpler than cash, point-of-sale hazards pose a significant threat.