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Chris Meenan

Product Manager for QRadar, IBM Security

    Chris Meenan is a Product Manager working on the QRadar Security Intelligence Product within the IBM Security division. He has over 10 years experience in product management and been involved in developing, managing, releasing and selling software products for over 20 years. Chris has a extensive market, domain, and customer knowledge in IT Security, Customer Relationship Management and Telecom OSS solutions. Chris holds a 1st Honours degree in Physics, and has a PhD in Mobile Satellite communications.

    Written By Chris Meenan

    How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Helps Bridge the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

    Artificial intelligence can help organizations bridge the security skills gap and effectively investigate all potentially malicious behaviors in their environment in a thorough and repeatable way.

    Advancing Security Operations Through the Power of a SIEM Platform

    Thanks to a wealth of new capabilities, security operations teams that leverage a cutting-edge SIEM platform are better armed to defend their organizations from advanced and insider threats.

    Customer Focus Drives Leadership in SIEM, Security Analytics

    We've seen many changes in the SIEM and security analytics space over the last decade, but throughout that time, IBM QRadar has consistently innovated and led the market in addressing new threats.

    What’s On the Horizon for SIEM Technology? Five Upcoming Innovations in Security Analytics

    As cloud adoption increases, the IT skills gap widens and the threat landscape becomes more sophisticated, innovations in SIEM technology will revolutionize the way SOCs perform security analytics.

    Understanding SIEM Technology: How to Add Value to Your Security Intelligence Implementation

    As the threat landscape expands — and IT skills grow increasingly scarce — many security leaders don't know how to get the most out of their security information and event management (SIEM) solution.

    The Evolution of the SIEM

    SIEM technology has evolved drastically over the past decade and will continue to mature as the threat landscape shifts and customers' needs change.

    Making a SIEM Dance With Docker

    IBM added Docker containerization technology to its QRadar SIEM platform to provide the agility, stability and robustness needed to fight evolving threats.

    A Year in Collaborative Defense With IBM Security App Exchange

    Data from the IBM Security App Exchange's first year offers valuable insights into download patterns and the direction of the cybersecurity market overall.

    Reduce the Noise of Threat Intelligence

    A properly implemented threat intelligence feed can help security analysts distinguish between white noise and potentially harmful traffic on the network.

    Planning Your Response: Top Three Reasons to Integrate Your SIEM With an Incident Response Platform

    An incident response platform facilitates communication across an organization and generates insight on how to contain and resolve security incidents.

    Co-Written By Chris Meenan