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Chris Meenan

Product Manager for QRadar, IBM Security

    Chris Meenan is a Product Manager working on the QRadar Security Intelligence Product within the IBM Security division. He has over 10 years experience in product management and been involved in developing, managing, releasing and selling software products for over 20 years. Chris has a extensive market, domain, and customer knowledge in IT Security, Customer Relationship Management and Telecom OSS solutions. Chris holds a 1st Honours degree in Physics, and has a PhD in Mobile Satellite communications.

    Written By Chris Meenan

    Beat the Right Threats to the Pass With Security Intelligence

    Security intelligence helps analysts focus on the threats that are most critical to their environment, but it must have the right information to work.

    SANS Names IBM QRadar as the Best SIEM for 2015

    The SANS Institute recently gave IBM QRadar the Best SIEM Award for 2015, bestowing yet another honor on this security intelligence platform.

    Join the Era of Collaborative Defense: Share the Intelligence

    IBM is moving into the next phase of collaborative defense with the addition of two new security and threat intelligence tools.

    Security Intelligence and the Cloud

    IBM has outlined a framework to help assess the most appropriate approach based on the cloud adoption strategy, maturity and security and compliance requirements.

    How Physical Security Defenses Influence Cybersecurity

    There are many parallels between cybersecurity and physical security when it comes to prioritizing valuables and being careful to keep them safe.

    Security Intelligence and SIEM Gets Bigger with Ease

    One of the biggest challenges organizations face today is the need to keep more and more security data online for quick analysis by their SIEM solutions.

    Taking on a Zero Day with Intelligence

    The situation described here does not come from the ivory tower; instead it comes from the real world and shows how to rapidly and efficiently address a zero-day vulnerability. You are probably already overwhelmed with patching. Alternatively, you...

    Introducing the Swiss Army Knife of Security

    In today's world of IT security there are a lot of parallels between undertaking a dangerous or challenging expedition and managing security operations. The pressure of the situation; a requirement for multiple tools, visibility and accurate...

    Co-Written By Chris Meenan