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Chris Spehn

Red Team Operator, X-Force Red Adversary Simulation
Chris Spehn is a member of the X-Force Red Adversary Simulation team at IBM. Throughout his career, he has worn many hats working on diverse projects to provide public and private sector clients assurance around the security posture of their products and infrastructure. Such assessments included External and Internal Penetration Tests and Adversary Simulation engagements. Previously, Chris worked both in offense and defense. He started his career working for Discover doing penetration testing. After that, Chris was a Security Researcher for Trustwave SpiderLabs. Chris also did contracting for MasterCard performing penetration tests. Chris' most recent role before joining IBM was at FireEye Mandiant, where he was a Principal Proactive Security Consultant specializing in conducting Adversary Simulation exercises, and Penetration Testing engagements for Fortune 500 clients across multiple industry sectors.

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