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Christian Falco

Strategy Associate, IBM

    Christian Falco is a strategist with IBM Security, helping to build and articulate the business unit's strategy centered around CISO objectives, key innovation and a leading portfolio of products and services. He has over 5 years experience in strategy roles across IBM.

    Written By Christian Falco

    Are You Affected by the Next Zero-Day?

    With the new Am I Affected button, IBM QRadar users are quickly notified of any indicators of a zero-day vulnerability captured within X-Force Exchange collections.

    Threat Intelligence: A Tear-Free Solution to Help SOC Analysts Prepare for the Next WannaCry

    An effective threat intelligence solution enables analysts to address, track and investigate advanced attacks such as WannaCry ransomware.

    10 Ways to Fight Advanced Malware With Threat Intelligence Sharing

    The X-Force Exchange threat intelligence sharing platform brings collaboration to the forefront of the ongoing fight against WannaCry and other malware.

    Watson and Cybersecurity: Bringing AI to the Battle

    At InterConnect, IBM Security GM Marc van Zadelhoff explained how cognitive technology can revolutionize cybersecurity and the role of the security analyst.

    Proactively Protect Your IT Immune System With Security Operations and Response

    IBM's Security Operations and Response platform enables IT analysts to proactively hunt for threats and respond to incidents with advanced analytics.

    Getting on the Right Track With a Security Immune System

    An integrated security immune system can help IT teams cope with the evolving threat landscape that is outpacing traditional solutions.

    Unleashing the Immune System: How to Boost Your Security Hygiene

    Much like the body's immune system, an effective security infrastructure detects and responds to threats using an integrated framework of capabilities.