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Christophe Veltsos

InfoSec, Risk, and Privacy Strategist - Minnesota State University, Mankato

Chris Veltsos is a professor in the Department of Computer Information Science at Minnesota State University, Mankato where he regularly teaches Information Security and Information Warfare classes. Beyond the classroom, Chris is also very active in the security community, engaging with community groups and advising business leaders on how to best manage information security risks.

Written By Christophe Veltsos

What Cybersecurity Questions Are Boards Asking CISOs?

Boardrooms are filled with executives who don't understand cybersecurity and have distinct business questions to ask. CISOs need to be prepared for them.

Why Is Your Board of Directors Finally Asking About Cyber Risks?

Many factors are encouraging an enterprise's board of directors to turn their attention to cyber risks — and this movement could help all organizations.

Addressing the Information Security Skills Gap in Partnership With Academia

More educational programs and professional development opportunities can help organizations push back against the growing information security skills gap.

How Helping Educators Is Good for the Cybersecurity Industry

Security professionals have an opportunity to connect with potential hires and shorten the skills gap if they reach out to local educators and schools.

CISO Influence: The Role of the Power Distance Index and the Uncertainty Avoidance Dimensions

CISOs must always communicate carefully, and the Power Distance Index can help these executives do that within a multicultural organization or meeting.

Cyber Risks: From the Trenches to the Boardroom

Business leaders must learn to recognize, manage and mitigate cyber risks. This task requires cooperation and awareness across C-suites and boardrooms.

Improving Your Security Awareness Campaigns: Examples From Behavioral Science

Security awareness campaigns can be made more effective by implementing lessons learned from behavioral science regarding influencing user behavior.

As an Information Security Professional, Are You Having the Right Conversations?

As an information security professional, you're increasingly being asked to report to business executives. Are you having the right conversations?