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Christophe Veltsos

InfoSec, Risk, and Privacy Strategist - Minnesota State University, Mankato

Chris Veltsos is a professor in the Department of Computer Information Science at Minnesota State University, Mankato where he regularly teaches Information Security and Information Warfare classes. Beyond the classroom, Chris is also very active in the security community, engaging with community groups and advising business leaders on how to best manage information security risks.

Written By Christophe Veltsos

Key Questions for Effective Cyber Risk Management From the ISO 31000:2018

ISO 31000:2018 details best practices for managing organizational cyber risk. Explore some of the key questions to address when evaluating the efficacy of your risk-management process.

How to Get Directors On Board With Cyber Risk Governance

The latest report from the DCRO urged top leadership to become more engaged in cyber risk governance and to hold all departments — not just IT — accountable for proper security hygiene.

What Does PwC’s Annual Corporate Directors Survey Tell Us About Cyber Risks?

What can PwC's 2017 Annual Corporate Directors Survey tell us about cyber risks? Explore the key takeaways, including insights about strategy oversight and board oversight of IT and security.

What Is the Current State of Cyber Resilience?

Although new research revealed that the state of cyber resilience is improving — especially regarding executive engagement — there is still room for improvement.

When It Comes to Cyber Risks, Your Leadership Cannot Afford a Failure of Imagination

A failure of imagination could cause business leaders fail to account for predictable cyber risks due to a misperception of the company's incident response capabilities and cyber resilience posture.

Asking the Right Questions: Key Takeaways From the CAQ’s ‘Cybersecurity Risk Management Oversight’ Guidance

The Center for Audit Quality (CAQ)'s "Cybersecurity Risk Management Oversight" guidance outlines key questions that board directors should ask about how the organization addresses risk.

Lessons From the Marsh ‘Global Cyber Risk Perception Survey’: Disconnects Persist Despite Increased Executive Involvement

Despite in increased involvement of various stakeholders in risk management, a recent risk perception survey revealed a persistent disconnect between executives and the security function.

10 Takeaways From the ISO 31000:2018 Risk Management Guidelines

The International Standards Organization (ISO) released an updated version of its risk management guidelines to help security leaders engage top leadership in cyber risk decision-making.

Putting the ‘I’ in CISO: Why the Security Leader Must Become an Influencer

To become an influencer within his or her organization, the security leader must effectively communicate with lines of business, engage with the board — and avoid abusing his or her veto power.

When It Comes to Cyber Risks, 2018 Is No Time to Play Games

Security teams had best bring their A-game to compete against ever-more sophisticated threat actors as new cyber risks emerge and evolve in 2018.