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Christophe Veltsos

InfoSec, Risk, and Privacy Strategist - Minnesota State University, Mankato

Chris Veltsos is a professor in the Department of Computer Information Science at Minnesota State University, Mankato where he regularly teaches Information Security and Information Warfare classes. Beyond the classroom, Chris is also very active in the security community, engaging with community groups and advising business leaders on how to best manage information security risks.

Written By Christophe Veltsos

Cognitive Security Key to Addressing Intelligence and Accuracy Gaps

Cybersecurity leaders hope to use cognitive security solutions to improve detection and incident response capabilities and reduce false positives.

The Role of Cognitive Security in Addressing the Incident Response Speed Gap

Respondents to an IBV survey identified incident response speed as the most pressing security challenge. Cognitive security tools can close the gap.

Five Ways to Help Your Alma Mater Take Data Security to the Next Level

Is your alma mater protecting your personal information? Learn how you can help academia take its data security to the next level.

FTC Studying Manufacturers’ Mobile Device Security Update Practices

The FTC recently mandated that eight major mobile device manufacturers in the U.S. reveal their security update practices and general update policies.

The CISO Job Market in 2016: Time to Jump Ship?

The CISO job market may be red hot, but that doesn't mean the time is right for you to jump ship and pursue elusive new opportunities.

Five Signs the CISO Who Got You Here Isn’t the Best One to Get You There

A CISO who was successful in the past may not necessarily be the right fit to lead an organization into the future. Here's how to tell.

How to Make the Most of Your Pen Test

A pen test can be tremendously valuable for your team and organization, but you have to know how to glean the key lessons from the experience.

Engaging Conversations Key to Improving Cyber Risk Decisions

C-level executives, boards of directors and security leadership need to have engaging conversations to make better cyber risk decisions for the business.

Securing the C-Suite, Part 3: All Eyes on the CEO

The CEO has an important role to play in cybersecurity. Collaborating with other business leaders and getting involved with cybersecurity is critical.

Securing the C-Suite, Part 2: The Role of CFOs, CMOs and CHROs

The new 2016 "Securing the C-Suite" report from IBM revealed some insights and recommendations on the role of CFOs, CMOs and CHROs in cybersecurity.