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Cindy Compert

CTO Data Security and Privacy, IBM Security

Cindy is a technical visionary driven by wanting to make a difference around the world, advancing the health, safety, and well-being of others. She believes that Data Security and Privacy are key enablers to realizing the benefits of the digital and cognitive enterprise. Cindy has worked with hundreds of clients across multiple industries including Finance, Healthcare, and Public Sector. She is an active member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), a Certified Information Privacy Manager/Certified Information Privacy Technologist, and co-author of “Information Governance Principles and Practices for a Big Data Landscape”. Cindy invented the IBM Security GDPR Framework and is leading IBM Security’s GDPR solution strategy across the company. She is a highly-regarded speaker and has presented at RSA, IAPP and IBM InterConnect conferences. Cindy was also recently granted a patent on mobile caller risk.Cindy holds a BA/MBA from New York University and is a recognized Impressionist landscape painter who exhibits throughout Southern California.

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Designing Your GDPR Plan: It’s Time to Move From ‘What’ to ‘How’

After the Assess phase of your GDPR readiness journey, it's time to move onto the Design phase to determine how you'll achieve and maintain compliance.

How We Developed the IBM Security GDPR Framework

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Strengthening the Health Care Industry’s Security Immune System

A security immune system should comprise multiple layers of defense that work together to protect the entire organism regardless of where threats come from

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Football and a Crystal Ball: Data Privacy Predictions for 2016

Here are seven predictions on what 2016 will bring for data privacy, especially as it relates to security, potential breaches and more.

Find the Map, Locate the Treasure and Keep the Pirates Away: 10 Data Security and Privacy Best Practices

Best practices of the data privacy game include having a treasure map, knowing your allies, defending against pirates and keeping score.