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Dan Cheuvront

MaaS360 Product Marketing Professional, IBM

Dan's career has been primarily IT-based, starting at Apple Inc. as a Mac Genius, moving on to Flextronics, and is now on the Product Marketing Team at IBM for MaaS60. Since joining MaaS360 in 2012, Dan began by giving product demonstrations, to supporting large-scale partner accounts and their clients. Whether it's giving tailor-made webinars for individual clients, or traveling for large audiences, Dan knows MaaS360 inside and out. In his spare time, Dan loves cooking and cake decorating. He is an accomplished graphic designer, photographer, and volunteers as a dog foster parent for Operation Paws for Homes.

Written By Dan Cheuvront

An All-new Workflow to Vet Apps for Enterprise Security

The integrity of the applications deployed to your workforce is crucial to enterprise security. The app approval workflow helps you vet these programs and integrate them with existing tools.

IDC Releases 2018 Vendor Assessment for Ruggedized and IoT Device Deployments

As the most widely deployed IBM SaaS solution, MaaS360 brings a strong set of unified endpoint management (UEM) capabilities for ruggedized hardware and IoT device deployments.

12 New iOS 12 Features That Promise to Enhance Enterprise Device Management

Apple's upcoming iOS 12 release will introduce new features that promise to help security teams improve enterprise device management.

Android 9 in the Enterprise: Easy as Pie

With enhanced features for users' personal and professional lives alike, Android 9 Pie raises the bar yet again for Google's mobile OS offering.

A Brief History of iOS: The Evolution of MDM and Enterprise Mobility

As the mobile threat landscape has expanded over the past decade, Apple's iOS releases have added new MDM features to help security professionals protect enterprise networks.

Why UEM Is the New MDM: The Latest Stage in Enterprise Evolution

In addition to protecting laptops, smartphones, tablets and IoT devices, AI-powered UEM solutions can help security leaders manage apps, content, data and user identity and access more efficiently.

Mixed Reality Meets Its Full Potential

Recent advancements have paved the way for the creation of a new, hybrid technology: mixed reality (MR). Developers are exploring how MR can add value to a variety of industries.

Debate Club: Comparing the Merits of Enterprise Mobility Management and Client Management Tools

For IT and security leaders, the ability to manage devices, apps and content are critical to end-user productivity and the protection of corporate information. There are two popular methods for doing this across smartphones, tablets, laptops and...

Windows Device Management: From XP to 10 and Everything in Between

The traditional Windows device management solutions that IT admins have used for years are evolving into unified endpoint management solutions to fit the needs of today's security landscape.

Managing Apple Devices Is as Easy as D-E-P

Apple's new Device Enrollment Platform (DEP) enables the technology giant to carve out a larger presence in the enterprise space and makes managing Apple devices easier than ever.