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Dana Tamir

Director of Enterprise Security at Trusteer, an IBM Company

Dana Tamir is Director of Enterprise Security at Trusteer, an IBM Company. In her role she leads activities related to enterprise advanced threat protection solutions. With over a decade of real-world expertise in the security Industry, she routinely delivers advanced threat and security related presentations, blogs, articles, white papers and webcasts. Prior to joining Trusteer, Dana held various roles at leading security companies including Imperva, Symantec, Bindview, and Amdocs. Dana holds an engineering degree from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, in addition to a number of industry and vendor certifications.

Written By Dana Tamir

Attacker Demands $15,000 Ransom for Stolen Customer Credentials

A cybercriminal going by the name DetoxRansome claims to have stolen user credentials from Bitdefender and is now holding the information for ransom.

Stopping the Evasive Stegoloader Malware

The Stegoloader malware is built to be stealthy and evasive, so it requires an advanced protection program to detect its presence and stop any damage.

Stealing Bases With Leaked Passwords

The St. Louis Cardinals are under investigation for allegedly hacking into and stealing information from one of the Houston Astros' internal databases.

Password Manager Breached — Is There a Safe Alternative?

Password manager LastPass announced that suspicious activity was identified on its network and user data may have been compromised. The hackers stole...

Cybercriminals Leverage Massively Distributed Malware in APT-Style Attacks

A new variant of the Dyre Trojan, a type of massively distributed malware, is being used to attack victims using Microsoft Outlook in APT-style attacks.

Who Hacked Sony? New Report Raises More Questions About Scandalous Breach

According to a new report, Russian cybercriminals used spear-phishing attacks to breach Sony Pictures Entertainment at the end of 2014.

Cybercriminals Use Citadel to Compromise Password Management and Authentication Solutions

According to IBM Trusteer researchers, there is a new type of Citadel malware that is compromising password management and authentication solutions.

JPMorgan Chase Breach Puts Renewed Focus on Malware Attacks at Large Organizations

The recent breach of JPMorgan Chase's network — one of the biggest in history — may have been caused by malware compromising an employee's PC.

Dyre Banking Trojan Used in APT-Style Attacks Against Enterprises

SalesForce is warning its customers that they might have been targeted by the Dyre Trojan. Banking trojans are not just targeting financial organizations.

Massively Distributed Citadel Malware Targets Middle Eastern Petrochemical Organizations

According to IBM Trusteer researchers, massively distributed Citadel malware is targeting nonfinancial petrochemical companies in the Middle East.

Co-Written By Dana Tamir