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Daniel Crowley

Research Baron, IBM X-Force Red

Daniel Crowley is the head of research and a penetration tester for X-Force Red. Daniel denies all allegations regarding unicorn smuggling and questions your character for even suggesting it. Daniel is the primary author of both the Magical Code Injection Rainbow, a configurable vulnerability testbed, and FeatherDuster, an automated cryptanalysis tool. Daniel enjoys climbing large rocks and is TIME magazine's 2006 person of the year. Daniel has been working in the information security industry since 2004 and is a frequent speaker at conferences including Black Hat, DEF CON, Shmoocon, and SOURCE. Daniel does his own charcuterie and brews his own beer. Daniel's work has been included in books and college courses. Daniel also holds the noble title of Baron in the micronation of Sealand.

Written By Daniel Crowley

Stranger Danger: X-Force Red Finds 19 Vulnerabilities in Visitor Management Systems

Two X-Force Red interns discovered 19 previously undisclosed vulnerabilities across five popular visitor management systems that could enable attackers to establish a foothold on corporate networks.

How to Outsmart the Smart City

Researchers from Threatcare and IBM X-Force Red joined forces to test several smart city devices, with the goal of investigating "supervillain-level" attacks. Here's what the teams found.