Written By David Bisson

Twitter’s Support of U2F Key Highlights Organizations’ Ongoing Challenges With 2FA

Twitter announced that it now supports the use of a Universal Second Factor (U2F) key for two-factor authentication (2FA) — but users are largely reluctant to adopt the technology.

Recent Extortion Scam Highlights the Need to Address Lingering WannaCry Risks

Researchers uncovered a spam campaign that threatened to unleash the devastating WannaCry ransomware on unsuspecting victims who failed to pay a fee of roughly $650 by June 22, 2018.

Phishing Scams Target World Cup Fans — Here’s What to Do

Cybercriminals launched various phishing scams targeting World Cup fans leading up to and during the first week of the monthlong international soccer tournament.

Malicious Actors Generated $175 Million in Monero Via Cryptocurrency Mining, Report Reveals

Malicious cryptocurrency mining techniques have gobbled up approximately 5 percent of all Monero in circulation today, according to a recent study.

Thriving Cybercrime Economy Contributes to More Than $1 Billion in Stolen Cryptocurrency

A recent study revealed that cyberthieves stole more than $1 billion worth of cryptocurrency during the first half of 2018, due in large part to a $6.7 million cybercrime economy on the Dark Web.

More Than One-Tenth of US Consumers Fell Victim to Identity Theft in the Past Year

A recent survey revealed that many consumers fail to change their online security habits even after falling victim to identity theft.

Study Reveals Benefits of Human-Machine Collaboration in Face Identification

A recent study conducted by NIST researchers found that face identification performance is optimal when insights from a human expert are combined with a top machine learning algorithm.

What’s the Biggest Security Threat for 2018? Malware

Information technology (IT) professionals named malware prevention the largest threat and responsibility for security teams in 2018, according to a May 2018 report.

Cost of Average Enterprise Data Breach Surpasses $1 Million

The cost of the average data breach affecting enterprises has surpassed one million dollars, according to a May 2018 IT security risk survey.

What Are the Prime Growth Drivers for Artificial Intelligence in the Cybersecurity Market?

Researchers cited instances of fraud and malicious attacks as prime growth drivers for artificial intelligence (AI) in the cybersecurity market.