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David Bryan

Global Security Managing Consultant, IBM

David Bryan has over 15 years of professional information security experience from being a defender of security at a top ten bank to securing the DEF CON network. He first entered the information security community as a DEF CON volunteer (Goon) and is now is on the board that runs Thotcon, a Chicago Information Security conference. For the last ten years, David has been the attacker in many scenarios as a penetration tester covering network, embedded, wireless, web applications and physical. He has presented at BlackHat, DEF CON, ToorCon, LayerOne, ToorCamp, BSides events and AppSecUSA. David lives in cold, but beautiful, Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife and two cats.

Written By David Bryan

The ‘Cracken’ in Action: A Password Cracking Adventure

To maximize the horsepower of its password cracking system, the IBM X-Force team built its own hardware to aid in penetration testing efforts.

How Not to Store Passwords: SHA-1 Fails Again

Symmetric key encryption, password hashing and SHA-1 are all ineffective ways to store passwords during the software development stage.

The ‘Cracken’: The Evolution of Password Cracking

IBM X-Force Red is leading the way in the field of password cracking with the Cracken, a tool designed to help companies improve password hygiene.