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David Kaplan

Security Researcher, X-Force Application Security Research Team, IBM Security Systems

David is a Security Researcher on the X-Force Application Security Research Team at IBM. He has vast experience in the security field and has published numerous vulnerabilities and whitepapers. David holds an M.Eng. degree from the University of Birmingham, UK.

Written By David Kaplan

CVE-2015-1097: Deobfuscating iOS Kernel Pointers With an IBM X-Force-Discovered Vulnerability

IBM's X-Force Application Security Research Team has discovered a memory disclosure vulnerability in iOS IOKit IOMobileFrameBuffer.

Co-Written By David Kaplan

Apache Cordova Vulnerability Discovered: 10% of Android Banking Apps Potentially Vulnerable

The IBM Security X-Force Research team has uncovered a serious vulnerability that affects many Android applications built on the Apache Cordova platform.