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David Strom

Security Evangelist

David is an award-winning writer, speaker, editor, video blogger, and online communications professional who also advises numerous startup and well-established technology ventures. He began his career as an in-house IT analyst and has founded numerous technology print and online publications, such as editor-in-chief of Network Computing magazine and as part of the launch team of PC Week's Connectivity section. David has written two books and spoken around the world at various conferences and been on national radio and television talking about network technologies. He continues to build websites and publish articles on a wide variety of technology topics geared towards networking, security, channel, PC enthusiasts, OEMs, and consumers. In addition to these activities, he consults to vendors and evaluates emerging technologies, products, strategies, and trends to help position and improve their technology products.

Written By David Strom

No Business Is Too Small for SMB Cybersecurity

Smaller businesses, like the HVAC company that caused the Target penetration in 2013, often think they are too small to be security targets, but SMB cybersecurity can have big implications. Size doesn’t matter as long as your firm has...

Use a Malware Simulator to Better Defend Against Ransomware

A malware simulator like the Shinosec ShinoLocker suite can help penetration testers understand how malware works and practice defending their systems.

The Increasing Dangers of Code Hooking

Cybercriminals use code hooking to intercept OS function calls to alter or augment their behavior. The technique is becoming more popular and dangerous.

Tracking Online Fraud: Check Your Mileage Against Endpoint Data

A new study analyzed 500,000 endpoints as a method of tracking online fraud. The 10,000 that were found to be compromised shared seven commonalities.

Protecting Your Network Through Understanding DNS Requests

Sometimes it just takes a little common sense and knowledge of your system log files and the DNS requests contained therein to detect a data breach.

The Rise of the Selfie Authentication as a New Security Factor

Many online vendors are moving toward more innovative and secure methods of confirming a user's identity, including selfie authentication.

Can You Still Protect Your Most Sensitive Data?

Companies in Silicon Valley and beyond are questioning how they should be protecting their sensitive data — if they choose to keep it at all.

The Evolving State of the Mobile Endpoint

Two recent surveys examined the state of endpoint management and security in the enterprise, turning up more than a few interesting points.

The Growing Threat From Emerging Cybercrime Markets

As more people gain internet access around the globe, new cybercrime markets begin to appear. Here's what you should know about this new threat.

Know Your Vendor Security Practices

When you hire a third party for some IT work, do you really know about their vendor security practices? Google certainly does.