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Denis Laskov

Malware Researcher, IBM Security Trusteer

Denis (@it4sec) is a Sr. Security Researcher, one of the core members of IBM Security Trusteer’s Malware Analysis Team. Denis’ scopes of expertise includes advanced malware analysis, forensics and anti-forensics, incident response, and reverse engineering.Denis has been a PC committee member for Botconf for past 3 year and is also an active member of the Open Source community.

Co-Written By Denis Laskov

Meanwhile in Britain, Qadars v3 Hardens Evasion, Targets 18 UK Banks

After a brief period of inactivity while Qadars targeted banks in other regions, it seems the U.K. is back on the malware's operators' radar.

Brazil Can’t Catch a Break: After Panda Comes the Sphinx

IBM X-Force researchers uncovered the first Zeus Sphinx attacks in Brazil, which target online banking and payment services in Brazil's top banks.

Unraveling ZeuS.Maple’s Stealth Loader

ZeuS.Maple is a relatively new variant of a stealth loader that enables a few tricks to stay under the radar of security researchers and tools.

Shifu: ‘Masterful’ New Banking Trojan Is Attacking 14 Japanese Banks

A brand -ew advanced banking Trojan discovered in the wild has been named Shifu by IBM Security X-Force, after the Japanese word for thief.