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Diana Kelley

Executive Security Advisor, IBM Security

Diana Kelley is an internationally recognized information security expert, speaker, strategic advisor, market analyst and writer. She has over 20 years of IT security experience including: risk management development, compliance advisement, project management, systems and network architecture development and hands-on implementation. In the course of her career she has delivered security advisory services to IBM, Microsoft, the US Government, Intel, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, Shell, PKWARE, Symantec and CA.

Written By Diana Kelley

Petya Weren’t Expecting This: Ransomware Takes Systems Hostage Across the Globe

It appears that the current Petya payload is being distributed using the same exploits that were part of the leaks that powered the spread of WannaCry.

From Linear to Orbital: Rethinking Defense in Depth

Defense in depth uses a layered approach to protecting networks and systems from breaches. It relies on multiple lines of defense to provide redundancy.

Can You Inoculate Your Organization Against Cybercrime?

A cybersecurity immune system can "inoculate" your organization against attacks by ingesting and using the latest threat intelligence.

Voice Privacy in the Enterprise: Are You Listening?

The EWF's Voice Privacy Alliance aims to help consumers enjoy the benefits and convenience of voice-enabled devices and avoid the security pitfalls.

Help Support Childhood Cancer Research at RSA 2017

IT professionals will shave their heads to support childhood cancer research during the second annual St. Baldrick's "Shaves That Save" event at RSA 2017.

Is Bluetooth Security Good Enough for Your Most Sensitive Corporate Communications?

Bluetooth security is not strong enough to keep fraudsters from eavesdropping on sensitive communications. The upcoming Bluetooth 5 offers enhancements.

Cognitive Security to the Rescue? Study Predicts 3x Adoption in the Next Few Years

According to a recent survey conducted by the IBM Institute of Business Value (IBV), the era of cognitive security may be coming sooner than we think.

Can Cloud Security Decrease Breach Containment Costs?

Are cloud security tools worth the investment? It depends the type of tools, how they're configured and how they're implemented.

The True Cost of Cybercrime in Brazil

As the spotlight turns to Rio, cybercrime in Brazil continues to rise. In fact, the average cost of a data breach increased significantly in 2016.

The Intersection Between Cybersecurity and Victims of Violence

In this Security Intelligence podcast IBM's Diana Kelley talks with Dr. Kelley Misata about the intersection between cybersecurity and victims of violence.

Co-Written By Diana Kelley

Master the Basics to Manage IoT Security Risks

Security measures are most effective when built in during the design phase. To achieve this, companies must understand basic facts about IoT security.

The View From the Top: C-Suite Insights on Cybersecurity

The latest report from IBM revealed some fascinating insights regarding what the C-suite thinks about cybersecurity and how these executives manage risk.