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Dirk Harz

Researcher with X-Force Content Security

    Dirk Harz is a security researcher and engineer with the IBM X-Force team. His expertise spans a range of content security areas including spam filtering, web filtering, Internet application profile and IP reputation. He holds a Diploma of Mathematics from the University of Göttingen in Germany.

    Written By Dirk Harz

    The Many Faces of Necurs: How the Botnet Spewed Millions of Spam Emails for Cyber Extortion

    IBM X-Force researchers observed the Necurs botnet spewing millions of spam emails from more than 30,000 malicious IPs to extort bitcoin from victims who may or may not have viewed adult content.

    Goal! Spam Campaigns Capitalize on the World Cup Craze

    IBM X-Force researchers observed several ongoing spam campaigns tied to the World Cup — many of which used the official branding of tournament sponsors to lure victims.

    Co-Written By Dirk Harz

    Threat Actors Peddling Weaponized IQY Files Via Necurs Botnet

    Threat actors have taken a liking to IQY files, which are foreign to most users and appear benign to many spam filters.

    Necurs Spammers Go All In to Find a Valentine’s Day Victim

    The cybergang behind the Necurs botnet launched a massive romance-themed spam campaign in the lead up to Valentine's Day, impersonating single Russian women looking for dates online.