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Nico Chillemi

Executive IT Specialist, IBM

Nico Chillemi is an Executive IT Specialist in IBM Italy who mainly serves as the Technical Sales Leader in Europe for the System Management on zSystems software segment. He is a leader of the IT Specialist Profession in Italy and is also a member of the IBM Academy of Technology Leadership Team. He is an expert in automation and security software on mainframe and can speak to emerging technologies.

Written By Nico Chillemi

Pervasive Encryption Simplifies Mainframe Security

With the new pervasive encryption feature in the IBM z14 mainframe server, customers can protect data without changing or adjusting applications.

Mainframe Security: An Easy and Intuitive Access Security Model

Mainframe security is easier to understand and more intuitive to implement than many IT professionals think. A simple model can protect against any attack.

Security On Demand: From Endpoint to Mainframe, Passing Through the Cloud

There are many security tools available to enterprises today, and the current threat landscape is forcing providers to alter their offerings.