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Doron Shiloach

X-Force Product Manager, IBM

    Doron Shiloach is a product manager with the IBM X-Force threat and vulnerability research team , which is responsible for security content and threat and vulnerability research. Doron has had prior experience in technology strategy and innovation, as well as strategic alliances and engineering, and holds a masters degree in electrical engineering

    Written By Doron Shiloach

    Save Time by Accessing Multiple Threat Intelligence Streams at Once

    IBM created an external threat feed manager to work with the threat intelligence services and partnerships available in the X-Force Exchange.

    Threat Intelligence Currency in the API Economy

    Threat intelligence is a critical source of information that can enrich most security products and defensive strategies.

    Social Security: Making the Most of Collaborative Defense With Threat Intelligence

    Building a collaborative defense requires sharing information among trustworthy sources on an efficient platform such as IBM's X-Force Exchange.

    Threat Intelligence Sharing: The First Steps

    Threat intelligence sharing is gaining acceptance and momentum in the security community. Here are a few suggestions to get started on the right foot.

    The Path Forward With Threat Intelligence and Sharing

    Threat intelligence sharing is becoming imperative for improving organizations' security, but it needs the right collaborative approach to be successful.