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Doug Franklin

Research Technologist, IBM Security X-Force

Doug Franklin is a Research Technologist at IBM Security Systems X-Force. Doug looks at the broad spectrum of threats, exploitation, and defense techniques. He holds a Bachelor of Information and Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Doug’s background includes core system development of IPS/IDS and anti-virus systems, as well as document imaging systems. In his free time, he pursues interests in photography and amateur sports car racing.

Written By Doug Franklin

What’s In a (Threat Intelligence) Name?

A lot of things in the threat intelligence world have multiple names, and these aliases often complicate the process of researching and dealing with security threats.

It’s a Good Time to Review the Security Risks of Obsolete Technology

Legacy systems and platforms can pose serious problems for businesses. Consider the security risks that can come with obsolete technology.

Re-examining the IBM X-Force Exchange API

The X-Force Exchange API has undergone two significant changes since it went public in April 2015: Anonymous access disappeared and rate limits appeared.

Practical Indicators of Compromise and X-Force Exchange

IBM's X-Force Exchange is a threat intelligence platform that facilitates information sharing and research surrounding indicators of compromise.

Black Hat Shows Off More Advanced Threats

What's hot at Black Hat USA? According to the briefings list, attendees should expect to hear plenty about advanced threats and new research.

A Gentle Introduction to the X-Force Exchange API

The X-Force Exchange API offers a host of capabilities that can increase threat intelligence and information sharing among users.

Navigating a Sea of Threat Intelligence Specifications

Standards and specifications make threat intelligence sharing a more manageable and organized act, although competing standards may still muddy the waters.

Threat Intelligence Collaboration Leads to More Efficient, Comprehensive Cybersecurity

Multilayered exchanges focused on shared threat intelligence can work to identify, stop and prevent security attacks, limiting the resulting damage.

Adware Adds to Security Headaches

Over the past few days, we have seen a security incident involving adware explode in the press. Repair, however, starts with conscious decisions.

Discovering Vulnerabilities: Do More Eyes Find More Bugs?

Security vulnerabilities have surprisingly long lifetimes, and organizations can use many methods to respond to and prevent infrastructure threats.

Co-Written By Doug Franklin