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A freelance writer for three years, Doug Bonderud is a Western Canadian with expertise in the fields of technology and innovation. In addition to working for the IBM Midsize Insider, The Content Standard and Proteomics programs for Skyword, Doug also writes for companies like Ephricon Web Marketing and sites such as MSDynamicsWorld. Clients are impressed with not only his command of language but the minimal need for editing necessary in his pieces. His ability to create readable, relatable articles from diverse Web content is second to none. He has also written a weekly column for TORWars, a videogaming website; posts about invention and design for InventorSpot.com and general knowledge articles for WiseGeek. From 2010-2012, Doug did copywriting for eCopywriters.com. Doug is currently a municipal police officer, on track to become a fantasy/sci-fi author.

Written By Douglas Bonderud

Up and At ‘Em: Israeli Cybersecurity Investment Hits High Mark in 2016

While the global security market showed signs of cooling in 2016, Israeli cybersecurity investment managed to hit a new high mark.

Zero-Day Deals? Shadow Brokers Looking for Windows Exploit Buyer

The cybergang known as the Shadow Brokers is allegedly peddling a new zero-day Windows exploit. Is the threat credible enough to warrant blocking SMB?

The Future of File Fraud? Spora Ransomware Offers Tiered Pricing and Complex Encryption

Researchers recently discovered a new strain of ransomware, Spora, that allows victims to select tiered options in a slick, user-friendly payment process.

Cybersecurity Meltdown: UK Skills Shortage Puts Companies in the Hot Seat

As the IT skills shortage continues to grow, organizations in the U.K. are struggling to cope with the lack of qualified cybersecurity professionals.

Tricky Tracking: New Cross-Browser Fingerprinting IDs User Hardware

A new cross-browser fingerprinting technique has the ability to identify user hardware. Is there any way for users to stay anonymous anymore?

Kettle, Meet Pot: Mobile Phone Hacking Firm Gets Hacked, Loses 900 GB of Data

An anonymous actor compromised mobile phone hacking company Cellebrite and stole 900 GM of potentially compromising information.

Missing Security Plus Malicious Attacks Equals Massive MongoDB Servers Breach

Cybercriminals leveraged poor password hygiene among users and administrators to compromise nearly 30,000 databases on MongoDB servers.

Bearing Fruit: The Future of Mobile Technology as Apple’s iPhone Turns 10

Mobile technology buffs and analysts are hoping Apple will revolutionize the smartphone market once again 10 years after it released the first iPhone.

Digital Dividends: Bitcoin Price Breaks $1k to Start 2017

The bitcoin price just broke $1,000 for the first time since 2013. But is it really a step toward market domination or merely fool's gold?

Burrowing Bad? Ransomworms Deepen Crypto-Ransomware Threats in 2017

What's worse than ransomware? Ransomworms. Evolving crypto-ransomware techniques could wreak havoc on the IT security landscape in 2017.