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Ed Moyle

General Manager & Chief Content Officer at Prelude Institute

Ed Moyle is currently General Manager & Chief Content Officer at Prelude Institute. Prior to joining Prelude, Ed was Director of Thought Leadership and Research for ISACA and a founding partner of the analyst firm Security Curve. In his 20+ years in information security, Ed has held numerous positions including: Senior Security Strategist for Savvis (now CenturyLink), Senior Manager with CTG's global security practice, Vice President and Information Security Officer for Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, and Senior Security Analyst with Trintech. Ed is co-author of "Cryptographic Libraries for Developers" and a frequent contributor to the Information Security industry as author, public speaker, and analyst.

Written By Ed Moyle

How to Develop an Immersive Cybersecurity Simulation

A well-planned cybersecurity simulation can help the entire organization, from incident responders to top leadership, practice their crisis management skills in a low-stakes yet immersive environment.

Open Source Tools for Active Defense Security

If your goal is active defense, open source options may be particularly useful because these tools can help you demonstrate value and shore up support.

The Cherry on Top: Add Value to Existing Risk Management Activities With Open Source Tools

Organizations with established risk management processes can drive efficiency and improve their overall risk posture by leveraging open source tools.

Architecting Segmentation Defense in the Cloud

Architecting segmentation defense in the cloud can be time-consuming, but it can offer tremendous security benefits at little to no additional cost.

For Science! Steps for Safe Volunteer Computing

The old adage that "time is money" is proven once again when it comes to volunteer computing. Here's what you need to know before signing onto a project.

Five Free Risk Management Tools That Can Add Value to Your Security Program

Here are five areas where free, open-source risk management tools can be of service to help your enterprise further its security efforts.

Leveraging IT Governance to Help Manage Docker and Rocket Application Containers

Containerization tools such as Docker or Rocket can be advantageous for managing programs, but they may require new IT governance practices.

Security Management: Embracing Millennials in Your Security Program

Security management teams can benefit from millennial employees if they take steps to attract top talents and retain them with unique benefits.

How Software-Defined Perimeter Can Help Secure the Clinical Environment

The Cloud Security Alliance's Software Defined Perimeter could be a valuable resource for health care providers trying to protect their clinical network.

Leveraging Forecasting Techniques for Security

For any technologist, keeping pace with new developments — particularly changes to the technology landscape — is key. Security forecasting can help.

Co-Written By Ed Moyle

Security Hygiene in the Internet of Things

Security hygiene becomes exponentially more difficult as the Internet of Things expands the number of smart devices connected in an enterprise.