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Eileen Turner

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, IBM Security

Eileen Turner serves as a Senior Product Marketing Manager for the web fraud portfolio of Trusteer, an IBM Company, part of IBM’s Security Systems division. She has over 14 years of experience in the marketing across various industries including technology, energy and consumer beverages. Prior to joining IBM, Eileen worked at Coca-Cola and GE in various marketing and communications roles.

Written By Eileen Turner

Fighting Financial Fraud in an Increasingly Digital World

Financial companies that provide mobile services need advanced malware detection tools and threat intelligence to protect customers from financial fraud.

Transforming the Business of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is an ever-evolving endeavor for malicious actors, and financial institutions must employ the latest controls and strategies to remain secure.

Customer Experience: A Casualty in the War Against Cybercrime

Financial institutions are trying to protect customers from fraud, but their efforts often leave much to be desired with respect to the customer experience

Pharming Attacks Target Small Offices, Home Offices

Increasingly, cyber criminals are leveraging pharming attacks against a new channel: Small offices and home offices. In this method, malware is loaded to the router and automatically changes the router DNS settings to malicious Web addresses for...

The Next Evolution of Spam: Spam Is Not Dead

After a new fraud-as-a-service capability was introduced in an online cyber crime community, it became clear that fraudsters are still interested in spam.

Co-Written By Eileen Turner

Grandma or the Wolf? Red Gets Smart About Fraud Protection

When Red spots suspicious activity on Grandma's account, she needs a dynamic fraud protection tool to determine whether it's really her or a Big Bad Wolf.