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Eitan Worcel

Product Manager – AppScan Cloud Services, IBM

Eitan Worcel was an experienced developer with years of experience in the area of Application Security testing who has recently crossed sides from the development organization into the product management world.He has worked with a wide range of customers assisting them in their quest to build secured web applications and now is the product manager of the new AppScan Cloud Services, which helps users to secure their web or mobile applications.

Written By Eitan Worcel

Mobile Application Security: Risks and Responsibilities

The world is becoming more mobile, but that only increases the risks facing organizations and highlights the need for application security measures.

Application Security Testing on Cloud and the Future of Penetration Testing

While cloud-based application security testing services may not make penetration testers' work redundant, they might help establish order in the field.

Three Must-Have Capabilities for Effective Cloud-Based Application Security Testing

Cloud services deserve application security testing processes that can seamlessly integrate with the build process to create an automated system.

Co-Written By Eitan Worcel

How Can Your Organization Benefit from Application Security Testing on Cloud?

Organizations should consider application security testing in the cloud to considerably extend their data protection at an affordable cost.