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Eli Ben Meir

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, CyGov

Eli recently retired from Israel’s military, having served as the army’s Chief Intelligence Officer and head of military intelligence analysis. During a 30-year military career, Eli was the commander of Israel’s entire military intelligence corps, and as such routinely briefed Israel’s senior military and political leadership. He dealt with technological intelligence and operations worldwide and also served as Israel’s military intelligence attache in Washington DC. Eli offers unrivaled expertise on changing global battlefields and the cyber challenges they pose to governments. He is also a founder and currently chief security officer of CyGov, the only company fully focused on helping governments to successfully tackle growing cyber threats.

Written By Eli Ben Meir

Cybercrime Without Borders: Bridging Gaps Between Public and Private Sectors to Ensure a Safer Future

Cybercrime affects businesses and government agencies equally, so why shouldn't the public and private sectors collaborate to secure their critical assets?

Building Upon Trump’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity

President Trump's executive order on cybersecurity sent a powerful message about the real-world implications of information security.

Threat Intelligence in the Age of Cyber Warfare

In the age of cyber warfare, security analysts must determine which assets are most critical and prioritize their defense strategies accordingly.