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Eric Jeffery

Managing Consultant, IBM Security

Eric has 20+ years' experience with Information Security including stints in the Technology, Retail, Aerospace, Defense, Hardware, Entertainment and Healthcare industries. Mr. Jeffery's focus involves network design, network implementaotns and network security. Eric has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Mr. Jeffery recently joined IBM as a Managing Consultant where he advises and assists customers with designing, deploying and managing Security Operations Centers (SOC). Eric resides in Southern Colorado with his wife, enjoys playing trivia and video games.

Written By Eric Jeffery

Government Cybersecurity Processes Must Change Drastically to Keep Up With Complex Attack Vectors

Since governments have so many potential attack vectors to manage, government cybersecurity professionals need clear processes, procedures and authority to harden vulnerable environments.

How to Boost Your Data Privacy With a Virtual Private Network

Using a virtual private network (VPN) to obfuscate your location and encrypt data is a powerful way to boost data privacy and prevent the tracking, stalking and theft of personal information.

Think You’ve Got Nothing to Hide? Think Again — Why Data Privacy Affects Us All

Many consumers are willing to volunteer their personal information for the sake of convenience, but it's important to understand that data privacy affects not only individuals but entire communities.