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Erkang Zheng

Cybersecurity Strategist, IBM Security Services

Erkang is the Cybersecurity Strategist and Global Program Director for Consulting Product Management at IBM Security Services. He is responsible for developing innovative service offerings, creating market-leading solutions, anticipating client needs and integrating breakthrough technologies within solution offerings, and supporting first-of-a-kind projects. Erkang is a leader in information security, passionate about solving client problems and focused on making real world differences.

Written By Erkang Zheng

Critical Data Discovery: Embarking on a Digital Treasure Hunt

A company may have amassed significant amounts of information assets consisting of trade secrets, proprietary designs, merger and acquisition plans, board deliberations and other highly sensitive assets. These assets must be properly controlled and...

Think Like a Hacker to Help Uncover Vulnerabilities on Connected Smart Devices

Smart refrigerators, televisions and cars are all part of the new era of connected devices. These connected, smart devices provide us with an unprecedented level of convenience at our fingertips. Yet they contain a treasure chest of personal and...